IJKS Winner at Barnsley Koi

On our mission to find the best possible Koi to offer here at Barnsley Koi we now have in store an exceptional Shiro Utsuri bred by NND. This Koi won a Gold Prize in the 15BU Shiro Utsuri division at this year’s International Junior Koi Show which is Japan’s third largest Koi show, a great accolade and we are pleased to now have this Koi amongst our collection.

Since the show the Koi has improved further, gaining 7cm with a nice increase in body volume. The overall quality is superb, and we see a bright future ahead for this Koi here on the UK show circuit. The head is currently a little discoloured but since this picture was taken it has been improving well on a new regime and diet.

In recent years NND Shiro Utsuri in Japan have been dominating in the smaller size classes and this is where they are strongest. Our plan for this Koi if it remains unsold is to progress it slowly in order to retain the quality and keep it in “show condition” ready for a prospective new buyer.

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