Red, White and Male

Earlier this year we purchased a very high-level Kohaku from Hoshikin Koi Farm and being un-afraid to go against the grain it was male.

We have seen a vast improvement in the few areas where male koi typically fall short such as body, shiroji (white skin) and size. These improvements are primarily coming from the bigger breeders who are investing more time and paying more attention to raising male's in the same way that they do female's.

So, when we were presented with a nisai Kohaku from Hoshikin earlier this year that was so good there was never any doubt that we would buy it, regardless of whether it was male or female. As it turned out it was male but didn't exhibit any of the typical signs of male koi. Furthermore, it was agreed that it could stay in Japan but on the terms that it would be raised in a concrete pond for the summer. In many instances concrete ponds can actually be the better place for koi such as this because the environment is more controlled, and it can be easier for body volume to be gained.


Onto the fish itself and the potential that we see in it for the future. We firmly believe that in the not too distant future this fish will be a 3 out of 3 in that the body shape, skin quality and pattern boxes will all be checked. As it stands the body lacks volume, but the bone structure can easily gain considerable volume. The overall lustre and depth of colour is excellent, and this is creating the sashi that you see now which will refine considerably over the next couple of years. The pattern element is the one that really elevated this koi for us, it’s balanced and technically pleasing so it should develop into a good koi show competitor.

This is one of a number of high level koi that we currently have in Japan, if you would like to know more about this Kohaku and any of the other pieces that we have then please get in touch.

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