This is Tancho Shiro Utsuri

We would like to introduce you to an extraordinary new Koi that has been added to the collection that we are currently building in Japan. This Tancho Shiro Utsuri, yes Tancho Shiro Utsuri is bred by the masters of black and white, Omosako Koi Farm. While we leave you to debate the Omosako brother’s decision to declare this Shiro Utsuri and not Showa here is some more details on this magnificent Koi.


The fish originates from a new Oyagoi named Othello which has been in use for 3 years now and the major characteristic that jumps out is the body. The height and power of the bodies from this parent line are insane as you can see from this Koi it’s certainly not lacking in that department. We have big hopes for the future size this fish can achieve given what Omosako Shiro Utsuri are capable of doing anyway.


It would be quite easy to write pages and pages of text about how good this fish is but it’s better to simply appreciate it by looking at this collection of pictures and video. She will reside at Omosako for the foreseeable future in order to develop the body and size to it’s potential. This pattern will really grow into the fish as it gets bigger and we can’t wait to see her this time next year if all goes well.

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